Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

Jellien`s story

Halfway through 2019, I started to get complaints. Pains in my upper stomach, difficult bowel movements, and a bloated stomach. Whatever I ate it did not sit right. The strange complaints also resulted in me having a decreased appetite and eating less.

Decreasing my food intake went well for a moment but slowly I became underweight. My body was literally and figuratively not getting enough nutrition. Which resulted in me developing even more complaints. I was feeling weak, exhausted and I stopped getting my period. My body even started to show signs of anorexia.

There was nothing to find

Because my complaints started to add up I decided to make an appointment with my family doctor. He recommended me to the hospital. In the hospital they had me undergo a lot of unpleasant tests. My intestines, oesophagus, stomach, everything was extensively researched yet nothing was found. I was only given the advice to start using antiacid.

Thanks to digestive enzymes I am able to eat again

Luckily, in the meantime, I had found IBD Free Life and was introduced to Roelie. At the beginning of the process, she listened to my story carefully and always took the time to really listen. She is a very good listener and has a lot of expert knowledge of the entire digestive function. Luckily, because of all of her knowledge, she was able to discover what the cause was of my complaints. Thanks to digestive enzymes Roelie was able to get me to eat again.

Slow recovery

Now that I was able to eat again, I was gaining weight again. Because of that, I regained my energy. I wanted to be a busy bee again and do everything I used to. But I was told to take it easy for a while. My organs needed the energy to recover and I was not allowed to spend the energy on other things.

Competent, custom and very concerned

At IBD Free Life you are getting the nutrition advice that is suited to your specific problem. The specialists are very knowledgeable and will tell you exactly how your body works and where it goes wrong. They will also tell you how you can fix this.
Also thanks to IBD Free Life I regained 10 kilos and my body is functioning properly again. Besides, I am of the opinion that Roelie is very involved and has a warm personality. That has given me faith and support.

Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

Rees` story

My entire life I have been trying to figure out what it is that I am suffering from. I have seen a lot of doctors in hospitals. I have seen many an examination room. Underwent dismal examinations. Tried everything. My wallet was getting emptier but I was not getting any closer to an answer. No one was able to give me a clear diagnosis and because of that no clear solution.

I have tried so many things already

When I eventually stumbled upon IBD Free Life I thought: “ I should give it a try. Who does not dare, does not win. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No harm, no foul. Something like that” I have already seen so many doctors, so naturally I was sceptical. Are these people actually capable to find out what is wrong with me? But the warm welcome and the informal ambience were a good foundation for me to trust them.

Hurrah! A gene abnormality

After filling out the anamneses, doing the blood and stool test, we discovered after a few consultations what is wrong with me. It turns out that I have a gene abnormality! In itself, it is not something to rejoice about but I am so glad to finally know what is going on with me. Because now Roelie can teach me what I can do.

Say it in plain English

Roelie translated all the difficult terms to me regarding Biochemistry to laymen terms. I understand how the body works, but especially how my body works. And what I can do to help my own body.

Expert and reliable guidance

After a lot of bad experiences, what gained my trust is that IBD Free Life never prescribed me unnecessary research. Roelie also never prescribed me expensive recourses if it was not necessary. Everyone on the staff is an expert, they are very honest and trustworthy. Even now I am still able to ask for some advice and I still get a quick response. Amazing!”

Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

Corina`s story

My entire life I have been suffering from stomach aches. Even as a child I had trouble going to the bathroom. Just like my mother and just like my grandmother if I am correct. I have tried everything: eating a lot of fibres, using pouches the doctor prescribed, certain juices or other things the pharmacy recommended me. But nothing seemed to help. There were even days that I could not go to the bathroom for days. When I finally could go, it was a process that led to me getting haemorrhoids.

Constipated and depressed

The constipation was the worst. Besides suffering from constipation I was also depressed. For years. According to the family doctor, I was suffering from depression so he prescribed me anti-depression medication. I had to take them for almost 15 years. A friend referred me to DarmSpecialist. During the intake, Roelie asked me if I had other symptoms besides being constipated such as insomnia or depression. I thought that they were odd questions to ask. How did she know that? I am here about my constipation right? Later I understood that my complaints were related to each other.

The little substances do it

It soon became quite clear that my intestines are not optimally producing certain substances. That is why I was constantly constipated. That same substance is also related to depression and insomnia. From the results of the stool test, they could tell that I was also suffering from a fungal infection. The critters in my stomach did not seem to like it so much. And it turns out that I am gluten intolerant. So the nutritionist has taught me how I can eat gluten-free without a lot of hassle.

Let the sun shine in!

After I had followed a treatment course, to get rid of the fungus, I noticed that I was feeling a lot better. I have so much more energy and the world seems so much brighter. I can go to the bathroom every day now without extra effort. I also do not feel bloated anymore. The best part? I am slowly tapering off the anti-depression meds!

Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

Karin`s story

The most embarrassing moment was when we went to the zoo with our children. One was seven and the other 5 years old at the time. The previous night I experienced a stomach ache and in the morning I also had to go a few times to the bathroom. It was only a 40-minute drive, yet to be sure I checked where the nearest bathrooms were along the way. I also had downloaded a map of the zoo so I knew the exact locations of the bathrooms. Besides packing a bag for the children, I also packed myself a bag. I never left the house without clean underwear and pants.

B-line for the bathrooms

The journey went fine, but it was very busy at the zoo. We had to walk a long time from the parking lot to the entrance. There was a long line for the entrance. I felt the need to go to the bathroom enhance but I bit through it, but sweat was forming on my brow. Once inside, my husband, our children and I went to the nearest bathroom but there was a long line too…

The woman who had a trouser accident

There I was standing, with tears in my eyes. I decided to explain my problem to the first woman in line. She was kind enough to let me go first but it was too late. The need to go was too much. Just before I opened the door of the bathroom stall I felt it coming. And my bag with clean clothes and other necessities was still with my husband.

My cheeks were red with embarrassment but I walked out of the stall towards my husband. He immediately understood and took me without blinking to the family bathroom, where I could change myself into some fresh clothes. The entire day I spend watching around me to see if I saw the women who were standing in line for the bathroom that morning. To see if they recognized me, stared at me, the woman who had a trouser accident. I decided that I could not bear it any longer.

“I had little faith, they have checked me so many times, I even saw a nutritionist. What could IBD Free Life for me what they could not?”

I really suffered from inflammation and bacteria.

Via Facebook, I came into contact with IBD Free Life. I had little faith that this could actually work. They have checked me so many times before, I even saw a nutritionist. What could IBD Free Life for me what they could not? But after an intensive intake, stool and blood tests they told me that I actually have an inflamed intestine. Besides that, it turned out that I was suffering from a very nasty type of bacteria. The combination of the two caused my complaints.

Regained my freedom with the right nutrition

With IBD Free Life I learned which types of nutrition have an effect on the quality of my intestines and which nutrition types I should not eat at all. I was prescribed supplements to boost my immune system. That way my body could fight the bacteria and the inflammation on its own.

We are about 3 months along and I finally can leave the house without having to check where the nearest bathroom is. Without bringing a bag with clean supplies. That way I have regained so much freedom!