What to expect during a consultation

Just talking about it won`t solve the problem?

Treatment of intestinal complaints at IBD Free Life consists mainly out of a series of consults. But what happens during an hour of consultation? Just talking about it won`t solve the problem? True, but sharing knowledge does. The most important part of getting your health back…. Is knowledge.

Our specialists are professionally trained orthomolecular and or epiphysiological therapists. They know all the complex systems of the body and know exactly what your body needs to be able to function properly. Your symptoms mean that change is necessary. The question is: what? That is what we are going to find out during the consultations in a manner that is understandable for everyone. That way you will gain the knowledge to understand the causation of your symptoms and to heal yourself.

The intake

The first consultation is the intake consultation. This conversation will last about 1,5 – 2 hours. We will discuss the intake form that you have filled out and the results from possible blood and or stool test. Your personal story is very important and we want to take the time to listen. The combination of your story and the results of the physical tests are the directories for the treatment that the therapist will select for you.

Our guidance courses

The number of consults needed after the intake depends on your symptoms. With IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) we have a standard of 9 consults. With Crohn`s disease or Ulcerative colitis, we have a standard of 12 consults. During our consultations, we will share our knowledge with you and you will learn about:

  • What the causation is of your symptoms
  • What the medical terms of your lab results mean
  • How the complex systems in your body work. So you are able to understand why your body might respond with symptoms
  • What you, yourself can do to make sure your symptoms will not return
  • Everything about nutrition, vitamins and minerals

Nutrition specialist

During the consults with your therapist, you will learn that there is a group of specific food products that you should avoid. Sometimes it can be temporary, other times it could be permanent. This can be very life-changing.

It is never easy to adjust to a new diet, it is often complicated and can be intensive. That is why our nutritionist is going to help you with a nutrition chart especially designed for you. The nutritionist will look at what you are able to eat, what your preferences are and what suits you. If you would like to, we could shop for groceries together, cook these meals together and take a close look at the content of your kitchen cabinets.

The possibilities are endless.

During the trajectory, we will regularly discuss your progress. How are you doing, are you noticing any progress or not at all? We will adjust the treatment where necessary. Of course, there is also plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions. Our advice: write a few questions down before a consultation!

The 3 phases of our consultations

Phase 1- the effect of nutrition

A lot of intestinal complaints and chronic intestinal diseases are caused by our western diet and lifestyle. You will learn about the specific food types that overload your intestines, how your digestive system works and which effect stress has on it. By being able to apply this knowledge you will experience:

  • A decrease of intestinal complaints within 14 days
  • More regular bowel movements
  • More energy

Phase 2- how your body operates

Just like a large machine, a lot of processes are operating inside of your body. Most of these processes are on autopilot, you do not have to worry about it. Your blood is always circulating and your stomach and intestines are digesting the meal you just consumed. These processes all need nutrients to function. These nutrients exist out of fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

If there is a lack of nutrients, you might experience digestive problems, heartburn, irregular bowel movements or other intestinal complaints. Blood tests will show how certain processes in your body are functioning.

We will explain to you, in a manner that is easily understandable:

  • Which nutrients the systems in your body need
  • How this will influence your complaints
  • Which nutrients you need to supplement, to help your body to function properly again

Phase 3 everything about digestion

There could be different reasons why your intestines and digestive system are not functioning properly. Sometimes it has been the case for years, without you noticing it. By researching your stool we can get clarity about the causation. We are collaborating with a specialized research laboratory that executes the stool research. These are the points we are looking at:

  • How does your digestive system work? Are you capable of digesting the food that you consume?
  • The composition of your intestinal flora; the different groups of bacteria who are adding you during the digestion process
  • Is there a case of bacterial overgrowth, Candida or is there a parasite present? These will cause digestive problems and inflammations in your intestines.

Depending on your symptoms a number of related issues could be researched.

Frequently asked questions:

How long will it take before I get rid of my complaints?

If you are dealing with Crohn`s disease or Ulcerative colitis it will take approximately 6 months to go through all the steps, to utilize the gained knowledge and to heal your body. In cases of Irritable bowel syndrome, it can take approximately 3 months.

What is next after the treatment trajectory?

After the treatment trajectory is over you will know exactly how your body works and how to heal yourself. You are able to live without pain in your stomach, gas-forming or other discomforts. You will never find yourself in a situation looking for a bathroom in dire need. You have gained the control back over your life, are able to choose and to do as you please. Because you know what to do, or what not to do. You will no longer need our help.

About the consultations