Our guidance programs

A one-time investment in a complaint-free future

Especially for people diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn`s disease and Ulcerative colitis, we have created customized packages. After following this trajectory you will no longer need us to live your life pain and complaint-free.

Guidance program IBS

For people with:
-Irritable Bowel Syndrome
-Intestinal complaints
✓ 9 hours of guidance by the IBD Free Life therapist
✓ 4 hours of guidance with the nutritionist
* Exclusive laboratory research

Guidance program IBD

For people with:
-Crohn's disease
-Ulcerative Colitis
✓ 12 hours of guidance by the IBD Free Life therapist
✓ 4 hours of guidance with the nutritionist
* Exclusive laboratory research

What does it include:

Consults with the therapist:

During the consults the main focus is knowledge. You want to heal your body and get rid of your health issues. In order to do that something has to change. The question is what?

You have to imagine that your body is an old fashioned clock with a thousand components of small and large cogs. These represent all the processes that are happening in each of your cells every second. All these cells have to collaborate in order for your body to function. But what if certain processes are not working perfectly. For example, there might be a lack of certain nutrients or the cause could be of a genetic nature. If a single cog is rusty and is not functioning properly anymore it has consequences for the entire system!

Our specialists are professionally trained Orthomolecular and Epi physiological therapists. They are the experts and have knowledge of the complex systems and processes of your body. And they know exactly what your body needs to function properly.

During the consults, your therapists will look for disturbances in your body`s biochemical compositions based on your story and the research results. Your biochemistry is a unique combination of large and small cogs. Which of these cogs is getting stuck? This will all be explained to you in understandable langue: What is going on, what are the consequences and most important: what can be done to solve this!

This way you will gain the knowledge you need about your body and with that regain control about your own health!

Nutrition consult with a nutrition specialist:

In most cases, the complaints you experience are caused by the type of nutrition you are intaking. A change in your diet is most necessary but at the same time also one of the most difficult changes to make. To make the change easier for you, you will have a consult with a nutrition specialist.

The nutrition specialist will discuss with you your current nutrition intake pattern and explain to you why it is better for you to (temporarily) avoid certain food types. Only getting to hear what food you should avoid won`t help you much, that is why it is very important to know what you can eat and what the possibilities are!

Based on your personal taste and preferences your nutrition specialist will help you get started. Every nutritionist has a whole arsenal of tips, tricks and the best recipes!

Additional research

Of blood and stool

To find the source of your complaints, it is often necessary to research your blood and or stool. To do this, we collaborate with a specialized laboratory.
Your stool and or blood is extensively researched, which will allow us to answer a lot of your questions related to the cause of your intestinal complaints. It is the basis of each of the trajectories.
  • Blood test240,-
  • Stool test264,-
The costs of each of these tests have to be directly paid to the research lab.

What it costs