Diagnosis Crohn

It was just a regular workday in 2015. As an employee of Safety and Service with the NS (A Dutch railway company), I was walking in my uniform over the platform of Utrecht Central station. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I experienced a sharp sting in my stomach. The world slowed and time seemed to stop. The only thing that existed was that dreadful pain. After a few seconds, the pain slowly faded away. It seemed like a very odd experience but no immediate reason to go to and see my doctor. Or so I thought.

Holy shit! Crohn`s disease?

In the first months after that first sting in my stomach, the stinging pain kept occurring more frequently. Eventually, it became almost a daily occurrence. I was no longer able to deny that something was wrong. After the internist had done his research I was given a diagnosis: I have Crohn`s disease. A chronic intestinal disease. Shit. Treatment consisted out of slowing and repressing the symptoms with medicine. To discuss the treatment I had to come back a week later. But I never made that appointment.

Medicine? No way!

The pain flashes have a name now, so I was able to go and do some targeted research and try to find a solution. Because I was determined to find a different way to live without medicine. I was raised with the idea that if you can live without using the medication you should. You should look at what you can do yourself first. I read everything regarding the relationship between nutrition and chronic intestinal diseases. I was my own guinea pig and experimented on myself trying to see what the effects on my intestines were.

“Collecting knowledge and experimenting has taken 6 months in total. Ever since I am living complaint and pain-free without ever having used any medicine.”

Pain and complaint-free

My search and experiments took 6 months. By changing my nutrition I gained more energy, the pain in my stomach lessened and my stool improved. Ever since I am living without any pain or complaints. Without having used medicine up to the present day.

I am a graduate Orthomolecular and Epiphysiological therapist

To share my personal succus with the world, I have followed different study programs and I am a graduate Orthomolecular and Epiphysiological therapist, specialized in IBD Inflammatory Bowel Disease, also known as chronic intestinal inflammation. By using my expertise in these fields, I will not only look at the symptoms, but also at the entire processes of the body and mind, and take a look at the source of the complaints. That way I will help others with my knowledge and experience. Because chronic? That is not okay in my book.

Complaint free without medicine with IBD Free Life

During one of my study programs, I meet Roelie and together we founded IBD Free Life. Since the start, we have guided dozens of people with the “IBD-Free method” to a life without pain, complaints, and….. a life without medication.