Diagnosis IBS

Daniëlle Wemijer was at the end of her teenage years and had to deal with a lot of stress. Eventually, that had an effect on her intestines. Which resulted in a flat line in her social life, to quote her. She has been guided by IBD Free Life for over a year and she is doing great.

“My thoughts no longer only go out to my intestines”

The 28-year-old dental hygienist assistant from Coevorden did not suffer from complaints in her childhood. Due to stress, I started to suffer from intestinal complaints. “That meant that I had to change what I eat and drink a full day before I could go and visit someone, for example. I suffered from chronic diarrhoea and was diagnosed with IBS. This meant for me that after consuming food or drink I always had to go to the bathroom 15 minutes after. I always had to be close to a bathroom.”
“Luckily I was able to work because I knew that I could always go to the bathroom in time and I have a flexible employer. Other than that I was not able to do anything. My entire social life was becoming non-existent.”

Receiving a label

She entered the medical circuit, consulted doctors, specialist and even a hypnotist. The result? She was given diarrhoea inhibitors and the statement that she just had to learn to live with it.
I was only 28 years old and that was not the message I was waiting for. Via, via, I came in touch with IBD Free Life and I scheduled an appointment with Jeroen. Immediately, it felt like I was in the right place. He listened to me and told me truthfully what he was able to offer me and planned out a trajectory. His explanation of anatomy, the connection between intestines, body and mind and the inner workings of the intestines were exceptionally clear, says Daniëlle.

“IBS was a label that I had received. I am going to help you get rid of your label Jeroen added.”

After filling out a questionnaire, I had to do blood and stool tests. The results showed that Daniëlle was not suffering from any parasites of fungi. She was prescribed supplements for additional vitamins and minerals, which she was lacking. That was the cause why her intestines were not functioning properly. After the tests, she had a consultation with the nutritionist.

Between brackets

“I had to follow a certain diet, even though I would like to put the word diet in between brackets. It turned out that I was not suffering from a gluten allergy, so I did not have to completely stop eating wheat or gluten. But I do have to eat low in gluten, which turned out to be quite the challenge in the beginning. Because I love eating bread. I used to eat a lot of spelt bread, but that had to change. In the end, it was not as hard as I imagined it to be because I was already used to watch what kind of food and drink I consumed. It did not turn my life upside down and I thought it was manageable in the end.“

“Besides I was monitored well in the beginning. After a few weeks, it went better. I was taking different supplements and after a while, I could taper off the diarrhoea inhibitors.”

“It was going well, but then came a point at which I stagnated. That is quite difficult, heavy and also a tad emotional. It is doing something with you. You have a flying start and then suddenly nothing changes. I was told that my intestines are still searching. In my case, I will always know that my weak spot is my intestines and that will never change.”

Almost everything

“Meanwhile, I am tapering off the supplements and soon I will have the last consultation with Roelie. During that consultation, we are going to evaluate my journey. I know that I have to continue with my diet but that is alright. I feel great and I am confident to step into my car and eat something. Without having to worry about where the nearest bathroom is. That is such a pleasant realisation. I am actually able to do everything I was able to do ten years ago.”

Written by Erik Riemens
21 jul, 2016

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