Diagnosis IBS

I am from a big Indonesian family where food is centralized. There always was plenty of food. If you came over unexpectedly and there was just enough, then more was made or ordered. After years of eating too much, my intestines stopped functioning properly, which meant everything was clogged.

To the family doctor? I was too embarrassed

I was immensely suffering from constipation and ashamed for it. I was so ashamed that I did not want to see a family doctor. Because of that, I kept experiencing pain, until I could no longer bear it.

A bag filled with medications

I discussed my complaints with my family doctor and soon I was standing in the pharmacy, prescription in hand. With a bag filled with medicine, I went back home. I meticulously followed my doctor`s advice. “If the medicine is not working properly, you can enhance the doses you are taking. He told me. The constipation complaints eventually disappeared but the pain in my stomach and the bloated feeling remained.

My health is in my own hands…with some help of the internet

Because the medication was not really working, I eventually stopped. It was time to decide for myself what would be best for my health. After my search on the internet for healthy nutrition, I decided to throw everything out that has to do with processed food. (Everything that came in a pack or bag) But what is next? There is so much information regarding healthy food and it all seems contradictory. I no longer see the wood for the trees. Doctor internet gave me a lot of stress which made me spiral back to my old nutrition pattern.

Changing for the better… for real this time

The reason to really change for the better was a hectic diagnosis within our family. Healthy food was a necessity and it gave me the strength to seriously tackle the problem. I was following the study program Orthomolecular therapist and there I learned everything about nutrition and the effects of nutrition on our body. To enhance my knowledge some more I am now following the study program Epiphysiological therapist.

Together on a supermarket safari

At IBD Free Life I am now teaching others with intestinal complaints new ways of eating. I do this in a few different ways: During a consultation, during a (private) cooking workshop, a supermarket safari or I am making nutritional charts with which I provide one guidance. That way I can help others gain control over their own stomach.

21 jul, 2016

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