Diagnosis UC

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. That was scary. I was prescribed suppositories. Which helped, so I started to taper off. Until another inflammation occurred. However, the suppositories stopped working after 4 years.

Chemo pills, injections or a stoma

I have tried everything, from chemo pills to injections. My complaints were repressed but the inflammation never disappeared. I became increasingly more ill. I was lying on my bed with migraines for three days. The medication options ran out and my only option seemed to be a stoma.

The growing feeling of guilt and a low self-esteem

Mentally it took its toll. Because of my illness, I had little energy to take care of my children. I was not able to be there for my partner, the way I wanted. My guilt kept growing and my self-esteem decreased. I was getting help from a phycologist and a neurologist.

Searching for a real solution

In January of 2018, I was completely done with everything. I stopped taking all my medication and as a result, I was in the bathroom at least 20 times a day. I could not leave the house at all. If I wanted to leave the house, I had to call ahead to shops to ask if I could use their bathroom. I was getting anxious the moment I felt the need to use the bathroom. I was distraught. Yet I was convinced that my intestinal problems are nutrition-related and that it is the key to finding the solution. So I started searching. A few weeks later I saw Jeroen le Duc from IBD Free Life at RTL Late Night (A Dutch late-night talk show) He confirmed what I already thought: nutrition is key.

Searching for the real solution

From the first moment of contact with IBD Free Life, I felt it was heading in the right direction: I received expert guidance but also empathy and reassurance. Especially in the beginning, I had a lot of questions. When I send Jeroen a text and he always responded immediately. My surroundings were worrying about me, they thought it was scary. They said: “What are you doing? You already lost 10 kilos!” But I went for it.

Regained trust in my own body

Under guidance from IBD Free Life, I changed my nutrition pattern. After 2 weeks I noticed improvement. The need to go to the bathroom decreased and I had regained control over my life. I could go to the store again, without having to call the store in advance and picking a route to the nearest bathroom during my journey. I regained trust in my own body.

It takes some getting used to, but it is working!

Especially in the beginning, it was not easy. You have to read all the labels on food in the supermarket. You cannot spontaneously go out for a drink and eat a platter of snacks. However, the new nutrition pattern is becoming a habit and you are starting to get creative with it. I am going through life without medicine for 2 years and thanks to IBD Free Life I have my life back!

21 jul, 2020

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