chronic intestinal complaints? Let's fix your shit

If your stomach is in control of your life

Then it is about time we find a solution!

You always have stomach issues. You are afraid to go out of the house and you need to know where the nearest bathroom is. You are in pain, suffering from diarrhoea or are constipated. You are often exhausted and your symptoms are influencing your work, relationship and your children. Diets, medicine, nothing has worked so far. Recognizable?

35000 +

Dutch people with Crohn's disease

900000 +

Dutch people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

45000 +

Dutch people with Ulcerative Colitis

You are not alone. Almost 1 out of 4 people in the Netherlands are suffering from intestinal complaints.

This was the conclusion of the ministry of health welfare and sport` s research. The physical complaints are bad enough, but if the fear of soiling your own trousers prevents you from leaving your own house? If you have to call in sick too often and are afraid to lose your job? If you are lacking the energy to be a fun parent or a good partner? Then you require a solution.

With a diagnosis, your complaints have a name. But as long as you are unaware of the causation of your problems, your solution will be a distant dream. That is why IBD Free Life will look beyond your intestines.

When you are diagnosed with IBS, UC or Crohn’s your M.D will tell you that the causation is unclear. The M.D will also tell you that you can suppress your symptoms with medicine. In the worst case, you might need an operation or a stoma. Trying to learn to live with it? Not if we can help it! We are going to find the causation of your symptoms and will try to solve the complaints at the source.

Have you tried a lot of things?

Just like most of our clients

What we are doing differently at IBD Free Life

We understand that you might be sceptical after a long history and search for answers. What we do differently consists out of 3 points:

  • Extended research
    We will research your blood and or stool in more detail than a regular doctor would. We do this in collaboration with a specialized laboratory.
  • We will look beyond your intestines
    We will look at your entire body as a complex system of processes and all the factors which could play a part.
  • We will not give up until we find the source
    We will continue searching for answers until we have found the source of your complaints.

Our team consists of professional specialists that are trained in orthomolecular and epiphysiological medicine. We will almost always find the source of your complaints. Once you know the causation, you can do something about it!

Causes of chronic intestinal complaints

that we encounter in our practice

A bacteria, parasite or Candida 90%
Disturbance of the intestinal flora 80%
Problem with certain foods 75%
Genetic disorder 10%
Problem with the nervous system 5%

Our approach

Get your life back in 5 steps

1: Introductory meeting & intake

Introductory meeting
The introductory meeting is via phone and always free and without obligation. You will tell your story and we will ask you questions and answer all the questions you have for us. If you decide to start a trajectory with us then you will receive via e-mail a detailed inquiry (the anamnesis) and we will schedule an appointment for the intake.

During this conversation, we will discuss the complaints you experience. Based on your complaints and your history we will decide if we need to run a blood test and or stool test and what we want to test for.

2: Stool and or blood test

You will receive the sample sets at home. For the blood test, we refer you to the nearest laboratory. The blood and or stool samples have to be placed into the supplied envelop and send to the laboratory.

Blood test
The blood in your system will tell us if there are enough vitamins and minerals present. Unfortunately, you won’t know yet if these important substances are doing their job properly on a cellular level. We do learn something about amounts. Maybe you have a deficiency of a certain type of vitamin or too much of another substance.

We will also look at the values in your blood which tells us about the state of your organs. Often it is about enzymes and hormones. The information we have gained, tells us about how the biochemical processes are working in your body. Shortages in your blood are often the result of processes that have not been working properly for a long time.

The difference with blood test compared with regular care
Your M.D will use referential values to decide if your blood contains enough of a substance. Those values are different from the optimal values. Optimal values are personal and based on your own biochemistry. At IBD Free Life we will use the optimal values that match your body and your complaints. Shortly: what your body needs to heal and to stay healthy.

Stool test
To find out what is going on with your intestines, we need to look inside of them. This can be done by performing a colonoscopy but luckily there is an alternative: we can take a sample of your stool and analyze this. The stool test will be analyzed by a specialized laboratory. This means that we will look beyond what regular M.D`s do. We will take a look at:

  • Your digestive system: are you able to digest what you eat?
  • Your intestinal flora: which creepers are living in your stomach and which ones would you rather not have?
  • Your immune system: are there any inflammations or might there be a case of hyperpermeable? (Leaky gut.)

By taking a close look at the efficiency of each system, we will almost always find the source of your complaints.

3: consults and trajectory

Imagine your body to function like an old fashioned clock with thousands of large and small cogs. These represent all the processes that are happening every second in each cell. What if not all processes are efficient? For example, you have a nutrient deficiency or genetic predisposition? If only one of these cogs is oxidized and stalls, it will have consequences for the entire system. Our treatment consists of:

  • Sharing our knowledge
    How does your body work and what does it need?
  • Nutrition advice
    Customized based on results from our research and adjusted to your wishes and lifestyle.
  • Supplements
    To balance out your body you almost always need to take certain supplements like vitamins and minerals.

Our DarmSpecialists are trained orthomolecular and epiphysiological therapists. They have extended knowledge about the complex systems in your body and know exactly what your body needs to function properly. During the consultations, you will learn about your body and how you can make sure every cog in your body is running smoothly.

4: Nutrition advice and support

Intestinal diseases are part of the so-called lifestyle diseases. IBD, UC and Crohn`s disease are most often present in Western Europe, North America and Australia and has an obvious correlation without lifestyle and nutritional patterns. Your intestines are making sure that the right substances (fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals) are reaching the right places in your body to help maintain all the difficult processes and organs to keep your body functioning properly. A deficiency of nutrients can result in digestive problems, heartburn, irregular bowel movements or intestinal complaints.

Nutritional advice is all about customization
That is why the DarmSpecialist is not relying on basic types of advice. The advice we will offer you is not only based on our intricate knowledge of the digestive system but yours especially. No two humans are the same and thanks to the blood and or stool test we know down to the cellular level what your body requires.

Changing old habits can be very complicated
To make the change easier, it may help to understand why change is necessary. You won`t be offered advice only, but during consultations, you will also learn:

  • Which types of food is encumbering your intestines.
  • How your digestive system is working.
  • Which effects stress can have.

5: Living complaint free

Often you feel better after approximately 2 weeks thanks to the targeted treatment. After 3 to 12 months (depending on the duration and the seriousness of your condition) our clients can live their life without medicine, without pain and without complaints. And that is permanent.

From jack shit into something understandable

About orthomolecular medicine

Folic acid is prescribed to women who want to get pregnant.
Women who desire to get pregnant are advised to take folic acid. Newborn babies are prescribed extra vitamin K, the elderly are prescribed vitamin D and vegans vitamin B12. These are broadly accepted forms of orthomolecular medicine.

What type of fuel is needed?
The starting point is that a human being is functioning best on every level when one is completely balanced. This happens when your vitamin, mineral, proteins, fats and carbs levels are sufficient. Shortly: when using the right fuel your car will run best. That sounds simple but what is the right fuel? What is the right level? That is what IBD Free life is taking a good look at. Customization is key.

“ I will employ life and diet measures for the benefit of the till, to the best of our knowledge and judgement” – from the oath of Hippocrates.

Intestinal complaints are mostly present in Western Europe and North America.
Our diet and lifestyle pattern play an obvious part. Hippocrates is the father of modern Western medicine and knew how important this is, despite that this topic is barely touched in the training of doctors. Because doctors often faced nutrition-related complaints. The Dutch association of gastrointestinal and liver doctors founded the: “Task Force Nutrition” in 2018.

Our guidance trajectories


Based on experience, we have designed customized trajectories which consist of 9 consultations. Are you diagnosed with IBS? Than that will be sufficient. After you finished a trajectory, you will no longer need us to live pain and complaint-free.

Guidance course IBS

For people with:
For people with:
-Intestinal complaints without diagnosis
✓ 9 hours of guidance by the IBD Free Life therapist
✓ 4 hours of guidance with the nutrition specialist

Guidance course IBD

For people with:
-Crohn's disease
-Ulcerative colitis
✓ 12 hours of guidance by the IBD Free Life therapist
✓ 4 hours of guidance with the nutrition specialist
Founder Jeroen le Duc was suffering from Crohn`s and healed himself.

Jeroen le DucIn 2015 Jeroen was diagnosed with Crohn`s. He was able to adjust his lifestyle and nutrition in such a way that he no longer suffers from either pain or complaint. Without taking any medication.

In the meantime, he has been trained as an orthomolecular and epiphysiological therapist and has assembled a team of specialists. With their combined knowledge and experience, team IBD Free Life is now helping others to get rid of their pain and complaints.


Our office is located in Emmelord, the Netherlands. However, it does not matter if you live around the corner or on the other side of the world: we are there for everyone. Thanks to the wonderful invention of (video-) calls, you do not have to travel the world for a consult.

You also do not need to travel for any of the blood or stool tests.