Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

My entire life I have been suffering from stomach aches. Even as a child I had trouble going to the bathroom. Just like my mother and just like my grandmother if I am correct. I have tried everything: eating a lot of fibres, using pouches the doctor prescribed, certain juices or other things the pharmacy recommended me. But nothing seemed to help. There were even days that I could not go to the bathroom for days. When I finally could go, it was a process that led to me getting haemorrhoids.

Constipated and depressed

The constipation was the worst. Besides suffering from constipation I was also depressed. For years. According to the family doctor, I was suffering from depression so he prescribed me anti-depression medication. I had to take them for almost 15 years. A friend referred me to DarmSpecialist. During the intake, Roelie asked me if I had other symptoms besides being constipated such as insomnia or depression. I thought that they were odd questions to ask. How did she know that? I am here about my constipation right? Later I understood that my complaints were related to each other.

The little substances do it

It soon became quite clear that my intestines are not optimally producing certain substances. That is why I was constantly constipated. That same substance is also related to depression and insomnia. From the results of the stool test, they could tell that I was also suffering from a fungal infection. The critters in my stomach did not seem to like it so much. And it turns out that I am gluten intolerant. So the nutritionist has taught me how I can eat gluten-free without a lot of hassle.

Let the sun shine in!

After I had followed a treatment course, to get rid of the fungus, I noticed that I was feeling a lot better. I have so much more energy and the world seems so much brighter. I can go to the bathroom every day now without extra effort. I also do not feel bloated anymore. The best part? I am slowly tapering off the anti-depression meds!