Intestinal complaints without diagnosis

My entire life I have been trying to figure out what it is that I am suffering from. I have seen a lot of doctors in hospitals. I have seen many an examination room. Underwent dismal examinations. Tried everything. My wallet was getting emptier but I was not getting any closer to an answer. No one was able to give me a clear diagnosis and because of that no clear solution.

I have tried so many things already

When I eventually stumbled upon IBD Free Life I thought: “ I should give it a try. Who does not dare, does not win. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No harm, no foul. Something like that” I have already seen so many doctors, so naturally I was sceptical. Are these people actually capable to find out what is wrong with me? But the warm welcome and the informal ambience were a good foundation for me to trust them.

Hurrah! A gene abnormality

After filling out the anamneses, doing the blood and stool test, we discovered after a few consultations what is wrong with me. It turns out that I have a gene abnormality! In itself, it is not something to rejoice about but I am so glad to finally know what is going on with me. Because now Roelie can teach me what I can do.

Say it in plain English

Roelie translated all the difficult terms to me regarding Biochemistry to laymen terms. I understand how the body works, but especially how my body works. And what I can do to help my own body.

Expert and reliable guidance

After a lot of bad experiences, what gained my trust is that IBD Free Life never prescribed me unnecessary research. Roelie also never prescribed me expensive recourses if it was not necessary. Everyone on the staff is an expert, they are very honest and trustworthy. Even now I am still able to ask for some advice and I still get a quick response. Amazing!”