Orthomolecular: healthy molecules

New age scam or scientifically proven?

You have been suffering from intestinal complaints for years. You have consulted many doctors, nutritionists and other specialists. It did not matter if you received a clear diagnose or not, the message remained the same: your condition is chronic and the exact cause remains unknown. So the IBD Free Life is saying that there is another option? What?

You are not the only one who is sceptic and suspicious. You have tried almost everything. Medicine, a FODMaP-diet, more exercise, eating healthy, trying to live with less stress. Unfortunately, the doctors were right: your symptoms will reduce for a while, but this is temporary it will never go away. You are not waiting for the next self-proclaimed expert or nutritional guru.

Orthomolecular + intestinal complaints = vague faeces

Orthomolecular therapy. Epiphysiology, epigenetics. It sounds a bit vague and new age. Yet the basics of this branch of medicine is everything except vague. The starting point is that humans are functioning at their best in different fields when they are balanced: the proper amount and balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbs etc. In short: Your car will run at its best when you put in the proper fuel. It sounds obvious, but what is the proper amount? What does your body need to be balanced?

The part vitamins and minerals play

Orthomolecular therapy is part of naturopathy, based on scientific research. For example, women who wish to get pregnant are advised to take folic acid. Newborn babies should take extra vitamin k, the elderly vitamin D and vegans vitamin B12. These examples are uniformly accepted forms of orthomolecular medicine.

“ I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required to the best of my ability and judgement…” – From the oath of Hippocrates

Hippocrates already knew

Intestinal complaints are a common problem especially in western Europe and North America. It seems that our diet and lifestyle play a big part in it. Hippocrates is the father of western medicine and he knew of this problem. However, in modern western medicine diet is barely mentioned during the study program for doctors. Because doctors are often confronted with nutrition-related complaints, the Dutch association of gastrointestinal and liver doctors founded the: “Task Force Nutrition” in 2018.

Specialists in the why-phase

Within the orthomolecular branch of medicine, we are monitoring all the complex processes in one’s body. More specifically we take a close look at cells and molecules. We keep asking ourselves “why” questions until we find the causation. If your intestines are inflamed, why are they inflamed? If your immune cells are attacking your intestinal wall, why are they doing so? We are looking beyond, where regular specialists stop. We won`t stop until we find the problem.

Is the RDA even enough? (recommended daily allowance)

In the last few decennia, the vitamins and mineral content in our food has drastically decreased. The recommended daily intake is the minimum quantity you must ingest to barely prevent a deficiency disease. It is something entirely different from the optimal quantity, in which your body receives more than enough nutrition to function properly.

Don’t try this at home

It is important to not take an overdose of a type of nutrition or vitamins in the form of supplements. Overdoses of a certain substance can also cause problems related to your digestive system. That is why we are researching your blood, by means of a blood test in collaboration with a specialized lab to find out what the types of deficiencies are, if there are any.

What is Epiphysiology?

Epiphysiology is a combination of physical, psychological, neurological, endocrinological and immunological processes in your body. If one of these processes is malfunctioning than that single process will influence the others.

In your immune system is in the offence mode than it will influence your body and your mind. For example: when you have a cold, you do not feel like exercising and your mood will decrease. Epiphysiology will provide insight into all these processes, which will enable us to treat your ailment or to prevent it.

Intestinal symptoms related to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn`s disease or Ulcerative colitis can also be treated. During consults, we will explain how to heal yourself and improve the balance of your body.

What is epigenetics?

Your DNA is basically a large book with your name on it. On each page is written an unique receipt for a specific part of you. For instance: hair colour, eye colour, the shape of your feet etc. By copying these pages, your body cells can renew themselves. Whilst the substances that your body produces will guarantee that your body keeps functioning properly.

Nutrition, exercise, sunlight, polluted air and stress are all an influence on your DNA. That is why you can develop symptoms or become ill. The specialists at IBD Free Life do research based on epigenetic knowledge to find out which factors are playing a part regarding your DNA. When you know which factors are playing a part, you can stop the process that is causing your illness by changing either, or your diet or lifestyle.

Orthomolecular Medicine