Irritable Bowel Syndrome

With the diagnosis IBS it has been confirmed that your bowel is “irritated”, but you already knew that yourself. You still don’t know why.

Ulcerative Colitis

It sounds like a spell from Harry Potter. But unfortunately you will be told that there is no spell to cast off this inflammation in your colon. But there is an option.

Crohn`s disease

Diagnosis of Crohn’s, that sounds scary. Especially since you will be told that it cannot be cured. Are there options other than medication?

autoimmune diseases

Intestinal complaints due to an autoimmune disease? If your immune cells are confused, that’s the symptom. We are looking for the cause.

Intestinal complaints

If the doctor doesn’t find anything, is there nothing? Are you a poser then? We don’t think so and find out the cause of your abdominal complaints.