When you are suffering from an autoimmune disease

Has your doctor informed you that your intestinal complaints are caused by an autoimmune disease? It might be a good idea to figure out what the immune system actually is, what it does and why it is upset. In medical literature, you will probably find something similar like “Autoimmune diseases arise when the immune system is recognizing the body`s own cells and substances as foreign. The immune system is going to deploy antibodies against its own tissue.” Let’s go and explain that in detail shall we?

How does your immune system work?

A lot of different organs work together in your body, to prevent harmful micro-organisms from entering your body or harming your body. Examples of pathogens are bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. These are also collectively known as pathogens. Your immune system consists out of two-part an innate system and an acquired system.

The innate immune system

The innate immune system is given to you when you are born and is not sensitive. When the immune cells of this system see a pathogen, they will attack viciously. You can compare it to shooting an ant with a cannonball. It is very effective. But this is not without collateral damage and not always desirable.

The acquired immune system

Sometimes the innate immune system cannot handle it. There might be too many pathogens present or the pathogens are too smart and are dodging “the cannonball.” Then the acquired immune system will give aid. You can compare this system with snipers, who are able to target only a single ant. Besides being able to shoot the ant, the system will save a picture of the ant in its memory. The next time an ant will enter the system it knows immediately what one is dealing with the next time an ant dares to try and attack.

Immune cells in a group app

Immune cells are everywhere in your body. Especially in the “borders” the parts where your body is in contact with the outside world., That is the reason why your mucous membrane is filled with immune cells. All of the mucous membranes are in contact with each other. You could see it like this: Your immune cells are talking to each other in a groups app. Which is very useful. Say, your immune cells in your intestinal mucosa are fighting a war against an intruder, then those cells will put that information in the group app and the immune cells in the mucosa of your lungs will get ready and stand by, in case the intruder also travels there.

Disruption of the immune system

Sometimes your immune cells get disrupted. If they have to fight too often for too long, then they will become exhausted. The cells cannot be everywhere at the same time. And they need the right substances to regenerate and heal themselves after an attack. It is important to keep your immune system in good shape by keeping it alert, healthy and active but it needs rest as well. Compare it to a train. You cannot fix a train whilst it is still riding.

Where does it go wrong?

Is your immune system not resting enough? Then mistakes are made. Immune cells can suddenly recognize the intestinal wall cell for the enemy. That is why the immune system is sometimes to blame for your intestinal complaints. But the actual bad guy is the exhausted immune system.

What is causing your immune system to be exhausted?

Er are a few things that can cause your immune system to become exhausted, by not getting enough rest:

  • Lack of the right nutrition
  • An overload of pathogens in your intestines
  • An overload of chronic inflammation
  • An overload of heavy metals
  • Stress

The regular method

You are prescribed medicine that is often prescribed for autoimmune diseases, these type of medicines will often suppress your immune system. It is supposed to work like a break on a driving train. It can be effective for a while. The train will come to a stop and your immune system will get some rest. However, it does not mean that the train is getting repaired. You also do not know what caused the damage to the train in the first place. When you will stop taking your medication, the symptoms may come back, sometimes even worse than before.

The IBD Free Life Method

Thanks to the specialized laboratory research of your stool and or blood we will find out a lot about the status of and the problems within your system. In combination with the anamnesis (an extensive questionnaire) and your history, we will design a personal plan for you based on the research results. You will learn how you can repair your train with natural resources and what your immune system needs to remain in top shape.

You are not alone


What is going wrong in your immune system?


Find the source

What disturbs your immune system?

Repair your system

So it can heal itself

Problem solved

And an immune that`s in top shape system.