What if you are diagnosed with Chron`s disease

It started with a stomach ache and that turned into painful jabs, cramps diarrhea, blood and mucus with your faeces. At a certain point, you can no longer deny it: something is very wrong. Your family doctor will refer you to a gastroenterologist and after a blood test and a very unpleasant endoscopy you will receive the diagnosis: You have Crohn`s disease. Which is a chronic infection in your digestive tract. You are heading into an unforeseeable future.

How to treat Crohn`s disease?

The physician will tell you that the cause of Crohn`s disease is relatively unknown. Curing it is basically not a possibility. The treatment consists out of taking medicine to suppress your symptoms. There are different types of medicine which have a different effect on each person. Also, the side effects differ per person. It can be quite a challenge to find a type of medicine that will bring a little relief.

Often there is a point at which medicine stops working altogether. Your intestines are forming strictures because of scar tissue, fistulas, serious infections and abscesses. The next step is an operation, a piece of one`s intestine is then removed. Sometimes a (temporary) stoma is needed.

The regular treatment of Crohn`s mostly consists out of suppressing the symptoms.

Causation of Crohn`s disease

Like previously mentioned, the causation of Crohn`s disease is unknown. Doctors think that it might be due to heredity, stress, smoking, and problems regarding the immune system. Crohn`s disease and Ulcerative Colitis are also known under the umbrella term Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Which is most often found in Western Europe and North America and seems to be related to our lifestyle and nutrition pattern. Often you are advised to live and eat healthily. But the question is then: What is healthy exactly? Research regarding the importance of nutrition is still in the early stages.

The classic treatment of Crohn`s disease consists out of immune-suppressing and anti-inflammatory medication. They suspect that the immune system could be the causation of the disease. However, that is not what we have experienced. Causations we commonly encounter are:

  • Presence of a sickening bacteria, parasite or Candida
  • A disturbance in the intestinal flora
  • A problem with the digestion
  • A problem with certain types of food

IBD Free Life looks beyond

At IBD Free Life we will start with a stool test. That way we map out what the problem is, we will get to know more that way than with an endoscopy. We can tell:

  • What the status is of your digestion
  • What the composition is of your intestinal flora
  • What the status is of your inflammations
  • How your immune system is reacting

We will also implement a blood test. By looking at the blood values we can tell how your organs are functioning and what the status is of the vitamins and minerals one needs.

Recover within 6-9 months, without medicine.

In combination with the anamnesis which is your personal story and history, the results from the blood and stool test will be our guideline for treating the causation of your intestinal complaints. When we have found the causation we will be able to help you recover completely within 6-9 months.

You are not alone.


About Crohn`s disease

Crohn`s disease is often put together with Ulcerative Colitis underneath the umbrella term IBD. Also known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or chronic inflammation in your intestines. Crohn`s also is also part of the immune system diseases because doctors think that because of Crohn`s there is something wrong with one`s immune system.

The main difference between Crohn`s disease and Ulcerative Colitis is in the location and the nature of the infections. With Ulcerative Colitis the mucous membrane and the rectum are inflamed and the inflammation is consecutive. With Crohn`s, inflammations can be present everywhere in the digestive tract. From your mouth to your rectum. Which is not just the mucous membrane.

Symptoms of Crohn`s disease are:

  • Diarrhea, often paired with blood and mucous
  • Stomach ache
  • Bloating
  • Weight loss
  • Tiredness
  • Sometimes a fever

You might also experience complaints regarding your eyes, skin conditions or inflamed joints.

Cause unknown?


Find the source

Your complaints have a cause

Treat the source

Even if it is not located in your intestines

Be Happy

And live complaint-free again