If you are experiencing intestinal complaints, but have not received any diagnosis

You are suffering from intestinal complaints for years. Your family doctor has turned you inside out. Checked your blood, stool and your intestines but you have not received any explanation why this is happening to you. Then you are on your own. If your doctor is not able to find anything then you are “fine,” You feel misunderstood, maybe even like a poser. You do not trust your own body anymore.

It might help you to know that you are not the only one. Research from the RIVM has shown that 1 in 4 people in the Netherlands is suffering from intestinal complaints or diseases. And a part of them is never diagnosed.

“ I remember exactly how I was feeling. When I had finally overcome my shame and went to my family doctor. He just wiped everything off the table and told me that I just had to eat more “healthy.” I had to eat according to the 4 basic food groups and lose some weight. Then my problems would go away. It is normal, everyone experiences a stomach ache now and then. I had to take my mind off it….”

IBD Free Life will look further

Intestinal complaints are mostly present in Western Europe and North America. It is clear that it has something to do with our lifestyle and nutritional intake. Yet a lot of doctors and the nutrition centre are not giving advice beyond recommending eating from the 4 basic food groups and other basic advice like drink enough water, eat fibres, chew your food enough, eat slow and regularly etc. It is very frustrating when your complaints are not going away. That is why we at IBD Free Life look beyond the length of your intestines.

Rather a solution than a diagnosis

The most common diagnosis with stomach complaints is Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn`s disease and Irritable Bowel Disease, which is essentially just a label. It has no further use to you except that your case might be taken more seriously. However, there is not a lot of information readily available about your condition. That is the reason why curing it is almost impossible and your treatment consists out of trying to find what works for you. Even with a diagnosis, you are still no closer to finding a solution. With or without a label, one does not know what the source is of your complaints or how to solve it.

That is why everyone with intestinal complaints could benefit by meeting our specialists. We will not search for a label to go with your symptoms but will search for the source of your complaints and for a solution.

You are not alone

What we do differently at IBD Free Life

You have seen plenty of experts and doctors, they have taken a good look at your blood, stool and intestines. No one was able to find what was going on. So why would we at IBD Free Life do any better? We can quite empathize with why you ask that question. First, at IBD Free Life we work together with a specialized lab, they will look more into detail at your samples than what is the standard. Second, we will use our expertise in Orthomolecular medicine and Epiphysiology to look at all the processes in your body as one process and won`t compartmentalize, we are not interested in just your intestines.

Do you want to know more about our vision and if we are the right people to help you? An introductory phone consult of a half-hour is always free and without obligation.

Find the source

Because there is always a cause

Treat the source

Even if it is not located in your intestines

Live complaint-free

With lasting results