A closer look at your stool

What your stool can tell us

To find out what is going on with your intestines, we have to take a closer look at your intestines. It is possible to take a closer look by doing a coloscopy but luckily it is also possible to take a closer look at your intestines by doing a stool test.

This research is performed by a specialized laboratory, during the research we look beyond what regular doctors do. We will research:

  1. Your digestive system »
    Are you actually able to digest what you are eating?
  2. Your intestinal flora »
    Which bugs are in your system and are there bugs that you`d rather not want?
  3. Your immune system »
    Are there any infections or is there a case of (hyper permeable) a leaking intestine?

By taking a good look at how the different systems work, we will almost always found the source of your complaints.

Afnameset ontlastingsonderzoek

This is how you make your own stool sample

Unfortunately, we cannot make this part more pleasant

During a consultation with your therapist, you will select a moment of extraction. For example: If you are suffering from diarrhea then you should really send in the thin faecal matter. You will receive an envelope at home, this envelope will include a blanc lab form, an extraction kit and a return envelope.

  • Fill in the blanc lab form
  • Write the date on the tube
  • Put on the included gloves
  • In the lid of the tube you will find a small spatula, which you will use to scoop some of your faecal matter into the tube until it is filled until the designated stripe.
  • Put the filled tube in the plastic see-through bag with the white stuffing.
  • Put the bag and the lab form into the return envelope.

Return sample
How you return the sample depends on where you live on Earth. You will receive a personal email with information about this.

Tip: Put a disposable cardboard plate or tray in the toilet bowl. If the unfortunate event happens that the extraction materials rip, your sample will not be wasted.

Price rates:
The kit is exclusive to our clients. Sometimes it can occur that some extensive research is necessary. The price of the regular kit, which includes the research is 264 euros + shipping to your location. The expenses made for the research need to be directly paid to the lab.

The cause of a lot of chronic intestinal diseases: Pathogens

Often, in people with chronic intestinal complaints or illnesses, pathogens are constituted. Which are biological microorganisms which produce illnesses. A bacterial overgrowth, Candida or parasite can cause a disturbance to your digestive system. Which will eventually result in a lack of nutrition. People with complaints that are caused by the previously stated causes often are diagnosed by their family doctor with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Pathogens are damaging your intestinal wall. Your immune system is trying to protect you from this. Which in term can lead to a chronic infection, which can result in being diagnosed with Crohn`s disease or Ulcerative colitis. But what happens if you get rid of the microorganisms that cause your complaints?

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