From front to rump, an entire process

The process of the digestion of food starts with your mouth and ends at your rump. Imagine your gastrointestinal tract as a long tube. If something goes wrong at the beginning of the tube then it will influence the entire process from that point on.

The digestion of food starts in your mouth, thanks to enzymes in your saliva. (imagine this to function like little sheers) Via the esophagus the mashed food will travel to your stomach. Gastric acid will digest proteins and fat. Grandma`s famous meatloaf will not dissolve on its own in just water.

After visiting the stomach, the next stop is the duodenum. It is called duodenum after the Greeks dodeka daktulon, meaning twelve fingers. The approximate length of the duodenum is twelve fingers. In this part of the intestines, 80% per cent of the absorption of nutrients takes place. The process of deacidification will make sure that the mashed food is deprived of acid. The pancreas does this by adding a substance known as bicarbonate.

The pancreas also provides another type of digestive enzymes ( sheers) At the correct PH- levels (the acidity) these enzymes are able to digest the food even further. The liver will add bile, which will help with the digestion of fats.

The mashed food will travel further throughout the small intestine, it deacidifies slowly and digests more. Eventually, the mashed food will arrive in the colon, where the moisture is extracted. The intestinal flora bacteria which is present in the colon will produce substances which tell the digestive enzymes that their task is finished. You will get the urge to visit the bathroom and what is left at the end of the story, is poop.

Intestinal complaints due to a problem in your digestive system

Now that you know that a lot of organs and substances are involved in the process of turning your meatloaf into poop, you might come to the conclusion that intestinal complaints can have multiple causations.

That is why every trajectory at the IBD Free Life starts with extensive blood and or stool tests. In your blood or faeces, we will usually find the exact source of the pathogens in the complex system also known as the digestive system.

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