Intestinal flora, a kilo and a half of critters in your stomach.

Intestinal flora or microbiome is a collective name for the approximate kilo and a half of bacteria which are present in the intestines of each person. The bacteria live throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract, but a large number of bacteria live especially in the colon.

Bacteria play an important part in the absorption of nutrients, the immune system and the production of the body`s own substances. Problems occur if the composition of your intestinal flora changes. Bad bacteria are playing a part, you will feel ill, unhealthy and unhappy.

Possible sources of changes in your intestinal flora could be:

  • The use of antibiotics
  • Nutrition that overloads your intestines
  • An infection with a pathogenic bacteria, fungus or parasite
  • A combination of different factors

Een voorbeeld

At Lactobacillus is written an Asterix*. This means that we have established that the value is deviating. In this case, there is not enough Lactobacillus present. In the chart, we have concluded that the presence of Candida Glabrata has been found. The disbalance of the intestinal flora and the presence of the candida is the causation of the disturbance in the digestive system, which decreases the productivity of the process of food digestion.

About your intestinal flora