Clients tell

The testemonials are currently being translated into English.

17 dec, 2020

Daniëlle`s story

Daniëlle Wemijer was at the end of her teenage years and had to deal with a lot of stress. Eventually, that had an effect on her intestines. Which resulted in… Lees meer
21 jul, 2020

Jorieke`s story

Imagine this: always suffering from a stomach ache and having the need to go to the bathroom 20-30 times a day, even at night. Having diarrhoea and stool accompanied with… Lees meer
21 apr, 2020

Ellen`s story

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. That was scary. I was prescribed suppositories. Which helped, so I started to taper off. Until another inflammation occurred. However, the… Lees meer
22 jul, 2017

Jo-Ann`s story

I am from a big Indonesian family where food is centralized. There always was plenty of food. If you came over unexpectedly and there was just enough, then more was… Lees meer
21 jul, 2016

Roelie`s story

Even as a child I always suffered from a stomach ache. During my teenage years, I was diagnosed with a spastic colon. The advice I was offered: Eat more whole… Lees meer