Like detectives, we will search for the source of your complaints

Because you only heal when you know the cause

With chronic intestinal complaints, your physician can tell you often what is happening in your body that causes your complaints but not why you are experiencing them. Your physician has prescribed medication and as a result, the symptoms will lessen for a while. However, the medication is designed to suppress your symptoms, not cure. The reason why you have complaints will not go away on its own. The moment you stop taking medication, your symptoms will return. Do you recognize any of this? Then it is great that you have found the IBD Free Life.

Liberated from your intestinal complaints in 3 steps

Stop allowing chronic intestinal complaints to rule your life

Step 1: the intake

After the introduction appointment, you receive an e-mail with a questionnaire, the anamnesis. Your answers are then discussed, during the first consultation, also known as the intake, in which we also discuss if a blood test or stool test is necessary.

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Step 2: the research

We have a specialized laboratory that is running the blood and or stool test research. We usually find often the causation of your symptoms. During the second consultation, we explain what we have discovered and how we are going to help you make a treatment plan.

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Step 3: the treatment

During the scheduled number of appointments with the IBD Free Life specialists, you will learn how your body works, what it needs and how it will heal. The treatment plan will be designed to fit your personal needs.

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Look beyond the length of your intestines

Your body is more
than some spare parts

The diagnosis for Crohn`s disease, Ulcerative colitis or Irritable bowel syndrome is just a label on your symptoms. Now that you know what it is that causes your complaints, you do not know yet why your body responds like this. Because your body is unique and contains a very complex system of processes, we are looking at the entire picture. We are going to find the causation of your complaints. And in personal consultation appointments, we are going to share our knowledge with you. We will research your unique system even as far as on a genetic level if that is necessary. That way we will discover together how we can help you to heal yourself permanently.

Source of intestinal complaints

A bacterial infection, parasite or Candida 90%
Disturbance of the intestinal flora 80%
Problems with certain nutritional items 75%
Problems with the nervous system 25%
Genetic disorder 5%

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